The beauty and symbolic meanings of butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are very popular among women not only because of their captivating beauty but also because of the symbolic meaning. The gradual transformation of butterfly from an unattractive caterpillar to a beautiful flying creature is highly inspirational and so most women choose butterfly tattoos for representing their own transformation from a girl to a woman.

Moreover, many people see butterfly as a symbol of spiritual freedom because butterfly too experiences a freedom when it emerges from its cocoon becoming beautiful and graceful. Besides its symbolic significance, butterfly tattoos are highly colorful. Since they can be drawn in any size, you can have them in any part of your body. Butterfly tattoos can also be combined with other flower designs to make it more feminine and attractive.

Historical significance of butterfly tattoos

In every culture, butterfly is associated with beauty and grace apparently because it is a very beautiful creature. In ancient Greek culture, it was believed that when a butterfly comes out of its cocoon, it signifies the birth of a new soul. In Ireland, butterflies were seen as the souls of dead people waiting to get through the purgatory stage and in Germany, butterfly symbolized resurrection. Moreover, in many Asians cultures, butterflies are still considered as a symbol of spiritual freedom and happiness.

Butterfly tattoos and their various types:


Monarch butterfly tattoos

Monarch butterfly is very colorful and popular for its migratory characters. It starts its migration from Canada and ends in Mexico; and to complete this journey, it takes more than three generations. It’s wandering nature and highly colorful appearance easily appeals to a lot of people as an attractive and symbolic butterfly tattoo.

Combination of butterfly and flower tattoos

Butterfly flying around flowers is a common scene in nature and hence, it is popular as a tattoo design. This tattoo design increases the size of your tattoo. By using contrasting colors on flowers and butterflies, you can make it look very attractive.

Tiger butterfly tattoo

Tiger butterflies are very similar to Monarch butterflies, but they are more colorful.


Butterfly fairy tattoo

This mythical combination of a fairy and a butterfly results in a captivatingly beautiful tattoo design.

Combination of butterflies and stars

Like flowers, drawing some stars around your butterfly is also a great way to make your tattoo larger and enhance its beauty.


Tribal art and butterfly tattoo designs

Tribal prints and tribal art has become very popular now and combining it with a butterfly tattoo design makes it even more unique and appealing.

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