Tattoo designs that are a nightmare to get inked

Tattoo designs have to be chosen well and should have special meaning as you will be stuck with them for the rest of your life. Tattoos only look cool is you have invested a lot of though into choosing the right design and this decision should also be influenced by the fact that this is kind of permanent marking. Removing the tattoo later on will not only be painful, it is a costly procedure that may not work out too well.

Don’t make rash decisions:

A tattoo should be one that you should enjoy now and later one a well. Spontaneous decisions lead to bad body art, which you will probably get on the spur on the moment. So if you are drunk or in a rebellious mood or if friends are challenging you, you will probably get a tattoo for the wring reasons. The best designs are usually the sentimental ones like a small design dedicated to your parents, grandparents or your children. Do not tattoo the name of a girlfriend or boyfriend, who is not serious or get a high detailed tattoo from an inexperienced artist.

Getting the tattoo:                      

Once you have chosen the designs, choose a tattoo artist that has a reputation as they will ensure your safety and will give a tattoo worth showing off. They will also be able to manage detailed designs that will look good. Also follow the instructions that they give you regarding the after care of the tattoo.

Pick a timeless design:

Tae a minute to think of what you life will be like with the tattoo that you are about to get. What will the designs will look like in twenty odd years or so, when you are wrinkled and old. Don’t follow tattoo trends as they will look dated later, so that Hello Kitty, Disney characters or tribal dragons may have looked cool in the nineties but they don’t now. Another common mistake is to get a tattoo in a foreign language that you don’t understand, they may look cool but can translate into some weird meaning like “object for sale” or “I like mold for breakfast” or may be worse.

Current relationships:

If you feel that your relationship will last forever then get a tattoo, do not get a tattoo in honor of your current squeeze as the tattoo will last longer then the relationship itself.

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