Soccer players with the most interesting tattoos

Soccer is a game of discipline and energy, often tinged with aggression and careful strategies. The popularity of the game can often turn the stadium into a battlefield. With all that riding on a single game, it probably isn’t a bad idea to imagine the players sporting tattoos like warriors. We take a look at the tattoos some players flaunt.

Daniel Agger

Daniel Agger tattoo

Image Source : Pinimg.Com

Captain of Denmark National Team, Daniel Agger has numerous tattoos on his body. Apart from being an amazing play, he is a qualified tattoo artist. He has numerous tattoos on his body, some holding great importance in his life. Looking at his back, one can see a large picture of Vikings along with his birth date and some inspirational mottos of life. As he is a qualified tattoo artist, there is no reason to think why he has so many tattoos.

Nigel de Jong

Nigel de Jong hand TATTOO

Image Source : Im.Rediff.Com

Dutch footballer Nigel de Jong, who plays as a midfielder for Italian Serie A club Milan and the Netherlands National Football Team, has a body full of tattoos, several of which have an Indonesian inspiration and style. He has several tribal tattoos, which would fit well with our narrative of warrior styled ink. Starting from chest, these tribal tattoos cover his back and arms as well. In addition, he has a beautiful flower tattoo on his hand. It is quite a contrast, the aggressive tribal tattoos on the body, and a sweet flower on the hand.

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos

Image Source : DailyMail.Co.Uk

Ramos has many tattoos over his body and some of them are unique and beautiful with deep meaning. One of his tattoos commemorates the 9/11 tragedy. Apart from this unique tattoo, he has imprinted his leg with a World Cup and Champion League trophies. Both the trophies look amazing reminding him of his achievements in life.

Stephen Ireland

Stephen Ireland

Image Source : Telegraph.Co.Uk

Stephen has gained a lot of recognition in his field. This player has a wing tattoo on his back. This wing tattoo is quite wide, which looks beautiful on back and shoulders, perhaps creating the aura of an angel. Extending his tattoo from shoulders it reaches down to his waist. Stephen Ireland completely shows off his tattoo while playing, which looks perfect on his toned body.

Soccer players have some very interesting tattoos. They vary from being just general elements to more serious versions with a message to deliver.

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