overrated celebrity tattoos

Celebrities and tattoos almost go hand in hand, with more and more the outrageousness quotient of the celebrity himself or herself, more is the outrageousness of the tattoo. O)f course, all this is good for a few days or so, but there is a point of time after which the comprehensive faculties of the human body just get saturated and it is at that point, when everything seems overrated. Here are some celebrity tattoos, which over the years has been so much in the limelight, that we just flinch, even at the sight of them.

The first and foremost is that of Angelina Jolie. Yes, there are meanings to each and every tattoo of hers, admitted. However, it is quite painful when a person forgets the basic difference between a sketchboard and a piece of skin. It may be her body, but it is the audience poor, which has to bear the sight of her whole body painted in black with incomprehensible gibberish.


Eminem is also a celebrity., who has got quite the attention for his tattoos. His famous tattoo of his daughter is quite worth the mention in this case. It is obvious that his reason to get his tattoo done is novel, and it is honorable at all times. However, there is appoint of time till which anything can be borne out. After a certain point of time, it just tends to become as an old joke. Moreover, that is not the only tattoo on his body, so it has become a daily affair, as is the case.

David Beckham is one of the celebrities, who has dedicated his body to the tattoo artists. His whole body is a portrait of several experiences of his life, right from his wife to his three sons. However, is such is the case that he gets a tattoo for every son of his, it is old news by now that as soon as he gets a son, he gets a tattoo too.


Megan Fox may not have a whole canvas to herself, but nevertheless, her two tattoos does somehow or the other speak out of a schoolgirl’s IQ. Of course, she is a celebrity, so people do tend to forget and forgive.

Lastly to make it to this list is One Direction member, Harry Styles. A few days later there will not be any space left on his body to get something new done. And what is all the hue and cry over that butterfly tattoo???

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