Miley Cyrus got a new lip tattoo done, but think twice before doing it


Miley Cyrus inked her inner lips recently, well youngsters may decide on getting something of this sort to imitate their favorite singer. But experts say it might be cool to tattoo your inner lips, but the spot is not ideal for tattooing. As the skin on the inner lips is super-moist.


The tattoo might be super cool and trendy, but think twice before you get your inner lips tattooed. The experts say, it is extremely risky to do such tattoo. Miley Cyrus posted a recent snap of her tattoo on her official Instagram page, where she pulled down her lower lips to reveal her new yellow and black tattoo of a “sad kitty” emoticon with a royal blue teardrop. But, how long the tattoo will be lasting given to the constant bath of saliva and the turnover of cells lining the inner lip is a matter of concern.

Eric Gaudet, manager of the New Tribe Tattoo shop in Toronto says that tattoo artists get regular requests for inner lip tattoos. Gaudet says, “I’d say at least a couple of people ask about it per week and I’d say maybe a couple per month actually gets it done. We do technically do them, but we usually try and talk people out of them — not because of a health reason, but just to let them know that they don’t heal like normal tattoos and most of them, they’ll just kind of fall out. They won’t last.”


Dermatologist like Dr. Julia Carroll says that tattooing your inner lips could make your skin infection prone as the skin is made of blood-rich mucosal cells. She adds, “The other thing about mouth tattoos is they need to be repeated for touch-ups because the type of cells that live in the mouth turn over quite quickly, so the tattoos wear out”.

“People just do it because it’s kind of funny,” said Gaudet. “An inner lip tattoo, it’s just kind of more of a jokey tattoo for a lot of people. I get it. It is pretty funny.” She also says that the risk and pain involved is a matter of concern.


So better be assured before getting an inner lip tattoo yourself. Things might look cool, but there are many drawbacks as stated above.

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