Food and drinks to avoid if you snore

Food and drinks to avoid if you snore

Snoring is a common phenomenon with people of all ages and genders. People that snore are usually not aware of the effects they produce. Furthermore, many of them are unaware of the causes of snoring. Everybody knows how unpleasant this sound is. Have you ever thought about the effect it has on a snorer’s psyche, or on the sleep quality of a person that is exposed to these sounds? If you or someone close to you snore, there are some steps to take to reduce the agony of snoring. Some foods and drinks you consume may increase snoring. We made a list that can help you. Avoid consuming these products and we promise your snoring will reduce.

Food can affect your health

What we earn determines how we live. On the other side, what we eat determines how we sleep. These facts we are about to present might surprise you. Some of the groceries we consume every day can produce strong snoring if you are already a potential snorer. Many factors can increase snoring, but the food is definitely on the list of the causes that are mainly underestimated.

In order to reduce snoring, or even get rid of it completely, avoid the foods we are about to present in the following paragraphs.

• Dairy

yogurtMilk, yogurt, fat cheese, and even ice cream can increase snoring. Diary affects phlegm production. Phlegm can make barriers in your throat while swallowing or breathing. While you sleep, the phlegm that got stuck in your throat will narrow the passages. Narrow throat passages and airways are the top one reason for snoring, as it all starts here. If those airways are wide and clean, you won’t snore. In this case, they are clogged up with the phlegm so the air will have to find the way to get through. The vibration of the passing air through the squeezed throat is what we call “snoring”. If you still can’t give up dairy completely, we recommend you to consume it in the morning only. That way, the throat will have enough time to swag the phlegm.

• Wheat, buckwheat, corn

People eat wheat massively. However, many of them ignore the fact that gluten allergy is impossible to detect without a test. That is why we eat food rich with gluten every day. Wheat, similar to milk, produces phlegm too. People that are gluten-sensitive snore more than the ones that are not. Yet, even people who don’t have allergies or sensitivities can snore now and then if they have increased wheat intake. Grains can also produce inflammation. The inflammation would make the throat swollen and narrow the airways.

• Animal products

meatIf you are trying to stop snoring, then you should avoid meat and eggs for some time. Generally, you should avoid all food that is rich in protein. If you still can’t give up meat, then you should eat organic meat.

• Vegetables and fruits

Surprisingly, but even some healthy food can make you snore. Luckily, the list is short. Avoid food that produces mucus, such as bananas, cabbage, and potatoes.

• Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinksWe know that you would go out on a date and that you two would want to have some wine. However, do you know what will happen afterward? When you fall asleep, that wine you drank would take revenge on you and you will snore. Your girlfriend wouldn’t be enchanted with the chainsaw sounds. We don’t say that you should stop drinking wine, but at least avoid drinking it in the evening. Besides wine, avoid beer, vodka, cocktails.

Are some of the groceries you especially like and consume every day on our list? Don’t worry, as we have a solution. You can continue with consuming that one ingredient you can’t imagine your day without. However, at least try to avoid the rest of the food and drinks that are on our list. How can you save your favorite? By using snore guard mouth piece. This way, you will reduce snoring, but at the same time, you would eat what you love.

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