Flaunt your style with back dimple piercing

I do not need to tell you how popular piercing is these days, it’s evident. Some people do come up with new ideas and styles to differentiate their fashion. Back dimple piercing is relatively new in the world of piercing. Or rather I should say it is a catching trend lately.

What exactly is back dimple piercing?

woman with pain in back

A more attractive term given to back dimple piercing is Venus piercing or sacral piercing. If you are not familiar with the back dimples, these are the spots on the lower back, right above the butt. You flaunt your style by displaying jewelry on these pierced dimples.

This is more of a women trend and that is why called as Venus and not Mars piercing, I believe. All the girls and women who want to get more eyes on their figure and back dimples go in for it. They were sexy low rise jeans, short skirts to display their back piercing.

Is it a convenient spot for piercing?

back dimple piercing

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See those who go in for it are basically in the mood of flaunting their art and are not much bothered about convenience. Well, frankly the spot is not convenient especially when you look into maintenance part of it. The dimples on your lower back are not ease to reach.

Every time you wear or remove clothing from the area, the piercing may be an obstruction and if you are not careful pain or irritation is inevitable. You are advised to sit in a posture that is helpful in healing of the piercing. Complete healing, sometimes may take weeks and you need to take precaution all the while.

What precautions are required to be followed?

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Hygiene is the foremost thing to consider in order to avoid infections, irritation and pain. May sure that you touch the ‘Venus dimples’ with clean hands, no germs or dirt should get in their contact. Avoid swimming in the open areas like a lake or a river until the piercing is properly healed so that no infection is caused. Skin friendly material should be embedded in the skin. Never wear clothing that causes inconvenience to the piercing. Of course, select a studio that has a good reputation and maintain hygiene standards.

If you are willing to bear the pain and think that you would be able to handle the precautions, go ahead for the back dimple piercing. The fashion can make you look very attractive and help you grab a lot of attention in a party.

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