Extreme body piercings that show how far body art can go

Making bodies beautiful is not a new phenomenon. From centuries, people are following this trend and making their bodies beautiful. Body art comes in various forms like tattooing, piercing, nail art, body paint, and airbrush that makes beautiful and make you look different from others.

Body art looks good when done correctly and to a certain limit. Extreme body art is painful and makes body weird and disastrous. Body art is to make body beautiful not bizarre. Below are few such examples of extreme piercing that will surely horrify many people.

Corset piercing


Image Source : DeviantArt.Net

It is one of the most painful ways to modify your bodies. Besides being so painful, a person doing it cannot even see it directly as it is on the back of a person. Corset piercing starts with piercing opposite sides of the target body part, followed by letting it heal for few days. Healing is important to avoid any infections and irritation to the skin. After completely healing, one can decorate the piercing with ribbons and laces. On can do corset piercing on full back, shoulders, legs, waist, and stomach. No doubt, it looks pretty but is a very painful process.

Lip and eye sewing

LIP sewing

Image Source : DeviantArt.Net

This is one of the most horrible piercings ever. Sewing the lips and eyes is bizarre. The sewing process is extremely painful and causing infections and bleeding. This type of piercing starts with making holes at the upper and lower part of the lip and eye. Next with the help of needle, a thread passes through these holes to shut the lips and eyes. Sewing need a lot of time to heal properly and it might be quite horrible to see those wounds on the face.

Decorating eyeball

EYEBALL piercings

Image Source : AbcNews

Eyes are so fragile that even small dust particles can destroy it. Piercing eyeball is a crazy idea that can be quite harmful for your eye. If you would like to try some body art on the eye, latest technology and experts can be of great help. Eyeball piercing starts by making a wide hole in the eyeball and cutting the skin with scissors. Next, pushing the decorative item inside, it is left for healing.

Bizarre leg piercing

Bizarre leg piercing

Image Source : Pinimg

When a needle pierces our skin, it makes us cry giving that horrible pain ever. Imagine what it would feel like when long and thick steel thing pierces the leg to make a big hole in it. It might be quite painful and weird experience giving one the unwanted pain.


Extreme body art is nothing but a horrible idea to horrify the other people. No doubt, body art is beautiful but doing it to a certain limit is good. Going to the extreme level of it can make the bodies look pathetic.

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