6 Things A Tattooed Person Don’t Want You To Ask, Do, or Tell

Body tattoos are fascinating but sometimes we don’t have a clue what to ask and what not from a tattooed person. Here are some questions and things that you need to avoid while talking with a tattooed person.

6 Things You Need To Avoid Asking/Telling A Tattooed Person

  1. How You’re Going To Explain It To Your Children

    Asking someone that how he/she is going to explain the tattoo to their children is like asking “How you’re going to justify that why you like playing video games?” Several things are adopted by a generation and then go on, and yes, tattooing is one of them.

  2. The Reason for Having It
    Everything, or say every tattoo, has a reason. While it’s ok to ask the message or the meaning the tattoo gives out, it’s advised not to ask for the reason why the tattoo is there at the first place. It may or may not hurt the sentiments of the tattooed person but you should better avoid it.
  3. Saying That Tattoos Are Unprofessional
    Professionalism lies in your work and the attitude that you put up while working. Therefore, it’s not wise to babble in front of someone with a tattoo that tattoos are unprofessional. It’s something that almost every tattoo-haver hate to hear. Tattoos are merely a part of the wearer’s ideology and belief.
  4. Suggesting That You Won’t Be Getting A Good Job With It

    This is something that is senseless. Tattooing is not just a trend; it’s a way of self-expression. Therefore, there is no way that a job recruiter would decline someone worthy of the chore just because they have a tattoo engraved on their body. Nonetheless, this happens frequently but with the growing number of tattoo-havers, it’s going to change pretty soon. Hence, you should better be prepared for it.
  5. Telling that it’s going To Look Terrible When You’re Old
    If a person has decided to put up a tattoo on his body that doesn’t mean that it’ll stay there until he/she is dead. Therefore, it’s pointless to tell someone that it’ll look terrible on them during their old age. The only thing that will look bad if you say this to a tattooed person is you.
  6. Touch Without Permission
    Tattoos have a pretty good reason(s) to be where they are. It’s ok to look or stare at them but don’t touch them unless you have the permission for doing so from the person who has If you’ll do then you’re sure to get up on the nerves of the tattooed person. 


Next time you meet someone with a body tattoo, be sure to avoid all these irritating things in front of them.

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