Natural Ways To Grow Thicker Eyelashes

3 Natural Ways To Grow Thicker Eyelashes

Who doesn’t like thick, long eyelashes? But in this fast-paced, stressful life, it becomes difficult to care for a miniscule portion of the body. And before you know it, your eye lashes start falling off, depriving your eyes of the ability to speak volumes. If you are struggling to grow beautiful eyelashes, and nothing really seems to help, try out these 3 natural ways to grow thick and long eyelashes, while nourishing them at the same time.

Revive the magic of the oils

Revive the magic of the oils

One of the most natural ways to nourish and grow thick eyelashes is to use the natural oils. You can go for either castor oil or coconut oil. All you need is a cotton swab and you are set. Just clean your eyes properly with cold water. Dip the swab into a teaspoon of oil and brush it over your eyelashes. Keep it overnight and see the magic gradually work on you.

Do this daily for the best results. Also, ensure that the oils do not enter your eyes.

Eye drops are the magical solution

Eye drops are the magical solutionEye drops are the go-to solution when it comes to anything related to the eyes. Then, why should your eyelash be any different? The market is flooded with infinite brands of eye drops that promise to help you grow thicker, longer, and stronger eyelashes. But, can you trust them all?

No. That is why, you need an eye drop that solves your issue without leaving behind any side effects. If you are looking for the best eye drops in the market, go for OKDERMO’s Bimat Lash Growth Enhancing Drops.

These drops have a precise chemical composition, are highly reliable, and produce zero side effects. Plus, they are also easy to apply. For more information, visit

Go for green tea

Go-for-green-teaOne cannot count on human fingers, the benefits that green tea offers to the mind and body. If you can’t stop praising the tea for your recent bounce back to fitness, you have another accolade to add to the miraculous drink. Green tea can help you regrow your eyelashes, and longer, thicker ones at that too!

Simply consume green tea on a daily basis, or let it cool, and using a cotton swab, apply it on a surface level over your eyelashes. Anything works when green tea enters the picture.

Your eyelashes turn your eyes into a valley of blooming expressions. Let them capture the world’s attention and praise by using the above-mentioned natural methods to grow thicker, longer and better eyelashes.

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