laser tattoo removal

Adding laser tattoo removal to your services can be a good decision for tattoo parlors

Many tattoos are a spur of the moment decision which is often regretted later. If it is in an inconspicuous ...

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Some wacky tattoos

Some wacky tattoos that are increasingly popular

Tattoos are an expression of one’s personality; however, some people get some extreme steps with crazy tattoo ideas. We just ...

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Enigmatic Gothic piercings

Gothic piercings depict Enigma. These piercings are unique and beautiful in their own ways.Gothic piercings are cool accessories that add ...

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Couple tattoos

Couple tattoos that work with you and your SO

Couple Tattoos can be damn cute! You can either ink them onyour own body(individually) or with your true ink friends/lovers. ...

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Celebrity couple tattoos

Celebrity couple tattoos that made a splash

Our celebrities have always been known for their love for Tattoos. However, what keeps this a known secret is a ...

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I am the punishment of God

Crazy tattoos you’ll see on soccer fans

Football aka soccer is the most followed game on earth. If there is one thing that has more followers than ...

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David Beckham guardian angel tattoo

Celebrities who have religion-inspired tattoos

Religion and celebrities are like game of Hide and Seek, while some prefer not to talk about their religiousviewpoint and ...

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Girl in jeans

4 clever ways to keep your tattoos a secret

Tattoos have become quite common over the years. We all love to flaunt our attractive body ink, as it’s not ...

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Industrial piercing  2

Your primer to Industrial piercing

Industrial piercing is known by a variety of names, including construction piercing and scaffold piercing. Most commonly it is called ...

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Monroe piercing (1)

Get the Marilyn Monroe beauty spot with the Monroe piercing

Just in case if you have not heard about the Monroe piercing, it is inspired by none other than the ...

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dimple piercing  (2)

Flaunt your style with back dimple piercing

I do not need to tell you how popular piercing is these days, it’s evident. Some people do come up ...

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Realistic 3D tattoos

Realistic 3D tattoos that will blow your mind

Tattooing has come a long way from simple scribbles to intricate sketches and images being portrayed on different parts of ...

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