Awesome Tattoo Designs for Halloween

With Halloween, it is always time to search for a one of a kind costume to stand out in the ...

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Get in the Groove with these Awesome Tongue Piercing Techniques and Jewelry Styles

Tongue piercing is a very common fad among individuals today; to the extent that even teens are opting for the ...

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Different Piercings Styles and Ideas for Women

Body piercing has become very popular today, almost like a fad or fashion statement that allows individuals, women in particular, ...

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Show your pirate side (2)

Show your pirate side with a tattoo that matches

If you have an obsession for ships and pirates and want to paint your body with images of the same, ...

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snake bite piercing (1)

Pain is the price of snake bite piercing, and it is worth it

If you have the will to bear the pain of your body being punctured and cut to give a new ...

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Steampunk earrings

Look at your classiest best with Steampunk inspired jewelry

An innovative and beautiful piece of artwork is Steampunkjewelry. This style of jewelry is a unique combination of vintage,imagination,gadgetry,science fiction ...

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Collar bone piercing 2

Collar bone piercing: Things you should know

Piercing is one of the most famous forms of body art. In their quest for something new people resort to ...

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Helix piercing (2)

Here’s what you need to know about helix piercing care

Helix piercing or cartilage piercing is something that involves piercing the upper ear cartilage.Usually, one wears earrings in this place. ...

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Spider bites piercing

Trend setting piercings to go with your gorgeous lips

One of the fashion trends which is a rage among the youth is piercing and is spreading like wildfire. Some ...

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Corset piercing on the back

Hot spots for corset piercing to make your body look ravishing

Corset piercing is apopular body modification which involves piercing in two rows on a particular part of the body and ...

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Asian inspiration

Checkout these stunning back pieces designed with Asian inspiration

One of the best ways of making your body look stunning is obviously by using tattoos. Tattoos look awesome even ...

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Ashley Green

Celebrity tattoo goof-ups and mistakes

There are many celebrities who have made tattoo mistakes either by dedicating the tattoo to their ex-lovers, some are misspelled ...

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