Got a new tattoo? Didn’t really turn out the way you had thought? Embarrassed? Self conscious? Want to escape the unwanted stares?
Or, want a tattoo, but these thoughts worry you?
Well! Don’t worry and continue reading. Because I’m here trying to guide you through this!
Just keep certain things in mind or bear them like the rules you’re not meant to break and I can assure you that you won’t be feel unusual and uncomfortable because of your tattoo.

Do some researches before getting a tattoo done

So to start with, do thorough researches before you go in for a tattoo because the artist matter. Experience counts. If you’re in inexperienced hands, or gods forbid my language, in bad hands, not only you’ll be in extreme pain but everything goes in vain! Even if a good tattoo artist means shelling a little more money, then please don’t hesitate. Save up some more and wait a little longer and settle for the best! Last minute ink jobs and on the whim art can leave their regret.

Select the design carefully

Select the design carefully. Put your thought; find an inspiration and most importantly, Be Comfortable in your selection. Remember, you’re going to live with your darling tattoo for the rest of your life! If you’re not comfortable, then it’s not worth it!


Know the language before using it

If you’re going for anything written in a foreign language- please make sure it’s written what you want it to be. Getting inked in something utterly silly is neither cool nor desirable.

No JUSTIN BEIBER or MILEY CYRUS tattoos please! Especially if you care “what others would think?” They just don’t go well with normal, sane public! However, if you’re one of the “I-Don’t-Give-A-F***-What-You-Think-Of-Me” kind of person, feel free to skip this point and go ahead with your plans! Be it JB or Edward Cullen! *wink*

If you don’t want to be subjected to a flood of unnecessary personal questions then steer clear of tattooing your girlfriend or boyfriend’s name. Yes, it is romantic and everyone’s dream, but come on, be practical! You might just break up tomorrow! That person might not be there but the ‘silly and stupid’ tattoo remains there reminding you of that person. More unnecessary questions and then in future, a new girlfriend and her fits! Not desirable, is it? And if you are already caught up in this situation, I would suggest you to visit a tattoo artist and I’m sure they’ll turn it into another (messy) beautiful piece of art! Till then, cover it up with appropriate clothing.

Be comfortable and confident

However, finally it just zeroes down to one and the most important thing is be confident and comfortable in your own skin. Go ahead with what you like and want. Don’t give a damn to what anyone thinks because you only live once! Don’t be scared of a silly tattoo mistake. Embrace it. Enjoy it. After all, no one is perfect!


These are a few tips on how to avoid looking weird in a tattoo. Following these tips might help you to look chic and good.

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