Scrotal implants for aesthetic enhancement of scrotum

Inserting implants for visual appeal is almost becoming a commonplace procedure among men and women. Scrotal implants in men are generally done for improving the appearance of the scrotum if the man is faced with missing testicles or have small scrotum which he would like to enlarge.

Like all enhancement surgeries, scrotal implants too are not without its risks and hence, must be done after careful consideration with the doctor. This being only an enhancement surgery, complications are best avoided and if you fall in the high- risk category when it comes to infections and gangrenes, it is best avoid the procedure altogether.

Scrotal implants for aesthetic enhancement of scrotum


Two types of procedures are generally followed for scrotal implants. The most commonly used procedure involves the use of a larger implant which the doctor inserts underneath the testicles. This is also the safest way as the natural testicles are in no way affected in this case.

The second procedure is not very popular due to safety issues and is used only by a small percentage of doctors. Here, cupped implants are used where the testicles are sheathed inside. His could look more natural than the implants placed underneath, but could pose the risk of damage to the testicles due to the implants covering them. At all times, ensure that you approach only a qualified and experienced medical practitioner to avoid complications while having scrotal implants.

Materials used for the process

A number of materials are used for scrotal implants. Silicone implants give the most natural appearance and is generally preferred when a man has undergone castration. Other materials used are titanium, stainless steel, PTFE, etc. Some of the products used for scrotal implants like Neuticles are illegal and acquiring them could be tough.

You may also use beads that are adequately polished which can be obtained from body jewelry manufacturers and industrial suppliers. However, the safest implants are medical -grade implants. They could be expensive, but they are entirely safe and can prevent infections from setting in.

Health risks and dangers

The primary health risk associated with scrotal implants is that there is the chance of infection immediately after the insertion due to multiplication of bacteria that is trapped in the scrotum. It can multiply as quickly as within a day and can even lead to death.

There is also the risk of development of gangrene when heavy implants like steel balls are inserted, which can lead to surrounding tissue death and gangrene. In such cases the scrotal sac has to be amputated, failing which the gangrene can spread to nearby tissues like penis, limbs and testes, which too will have to be amputated to save the life of the person.

Only medical grade implants that are biocompatible must be used to avoid infection and inflammation after surgery.


Scrotal implants must be done only by a registered medical doctor to avoid complications and risk to life. Legality of getting an implant varies from region to region. Therefore, it makes sense to check in your area before undergoing the procedure.

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