Rihanna loves discreet tattoo’s!

rihannas sanskrit tattoo

Rihanna may appear plain (not w.r.t. her style) but the girl isn’t so actually. I am talking about tattoos and like many others she is another celebrity with a fetish for body art. She has got a few and I wonder why I hadn’t spotted them. Well, the umbrella girl has got quite a collection for them and the latest which she has done is an Arabic sign meaning freedom. She has even got a Sanskrit writing that slides down from her side waist. Her foot speaks for her love of music as she has got the treble clef and 16th note inked there. I hadn’t ever spotted it but the girl also supports a star inside her left ear and a symbol of friendship besides her right ear. Also, she has a cluster of stars at the back side of her neck and finally, it seems the list ends here. But something worth noticeable is that she has got all of them in small size. Wow! I loved the Sanskrit one!

Source: StarkGossipBlog

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