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Face painting has been a popular practice. Old war tribes were involved in face painting and they used colored clay in order to drive away the enemies. Native Americans were also involved in face painting practices and used tree bark juices, berries and roots for coloring their facial features.

Face painting

As per historical records, face painting was primarily a means of camouflage used for military and religious reasons. Today on a usual level, face painting is all about being artistic and funny. This is a common feature during festive occasions and fairs. Many a times family gatherings and special functions like weddings and corporate events also mark the use of face painting techniques.

From birthday parties to the circus groups and even school events make use of face painting for enlivening it up. Many theme parks too have booths of face painting today for those who are interested in going different. Face painting is possible for any and everyone. This only requires a bit of creativity and imagination along with the painting material to make a great impact. One can use the given ideas for face painting art and designs. These designs will enliven all of your parties.

For simple face paint materials one can make use of food colors, cold cream, and corn starch. This is also very economical and safe to use. To add to this one can follow these amazing face painting ideas that maximize the creative outlet. Amazing patterns can be created on willing subjects. The way the subject dresses should complement the face painting colors and patterns. It is to be noted that face paint should not be left on the skin for over six hours since it can become sore and itchy if the paint stays on for too long.

Going for professional face paints can be really expensive but the complex patterns need a professional touch. Nowadays the detailed guides are also available that make face painting self practicable. These guides are inexpensive and involve simple steps for beautiful face painting designs. Face painting stamps are also very common and can be bought online. These are even easier to use and can be stenciled on to the kid.

Face painting designs for kids are cute, appealing, simple and funny with loads of color. It’s important that the designs are picked based on the facial contours of the person. A great example would be that of the dracula look, which perfectly suits the long face or the tiger look which goes best with a round face.

When painting over a kid it’s important to go for material that drys fast, since the kids are low on the patience level. Go for easy to create designs like that of the ghost face with the white paint or the Jack-O-lantern look with orange face and black eyes. Super hero faces are a favorite amongst kids with characters like spiderman, superman, and phantom. For girls you can pick butterflies, flowers, and sweet little dolphins too. For boys the most popular designs include beard, mustaches, spider, dacoit, and pirates.

Face painting is also common amongst adults who paint their hair, nails, and everything else to add to the face painting look. Some even draw emblems, flags, cartons, symbols etc. to support a venture or a cause.

Kids particularly enjoy getting this art form done over them. This particularly adds to their fantasy of playing the part of their favorite character. A long beard, big mustaches, black eye patch and here’s the pirate. Or the ferocious tiger look for your little son. There is just so much to experiment with from the wicked witch to the funny bee. Face painting for kids is like a dream activity.

It’s best to have the kids involved in choosing his or her face paint design. This builds the creative aspect in a kid. There is no requirement for professionals here. Instead pick some vibrant color lots with fancy bright tones and start off. Do not paint on open wounds, rashes and cuts since this can cause irritation.

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