Cat tattoos and their possible meanings

Cat tattoos have gained popularity in recent times amongst those who immensely love these cute little furry bundles of joy. Some get themselves inked with cat tattoos in remembrance of their feline friend who is no more, while others get these tattoos asa symbolic representation of their personality.

Cat tattoos symbolize a variety of traits ranging from feminine power, mysteries and secrets, luck and prosperity, spirituality, protection, attentiveness, intelligence, intuition, elegance to afterlife. Available in a wide variety of designs and styles, you can pick cat tattoos that suit your taste and those you think carry a meaning suiting your intentions and personality. Here are some of the most popular designs that you can consider.

Cat Eye Tattoos

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A cat’s eye symbolizes intellect and wisdom. These days, cat eye tattoos are experiencing increased popularity and importance. Having one of it on your body, you can represent your ability to see things that others can’t. It will represent your potential to see things much more than what they actually are. Additionally, cat eye tattoos symbolize the elements of afterlife. These tattoos also signify a person’s need for protection.

Cat Skull Tattoos

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Skull tattoos are associated with death, disease and destruction. However, cat skull tattoos have an altogether a different tale to tell. As cats are believed to have a certain connection with afterlife, cat skull tattoos are not just restricted to a connection with death or destruction. Rather, they signify a person’s readiness and acceptability of the inevitable. It reveals a person’s mental state, as to how strong a person is and how he doesn’t fear his end or any unpleasant situation in life.

Cat Paw Tattoos

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Paw tattoos have diverse meanings depending on what animal does that paw belongs to. Cat paw tattoos usually signify a person’s journey through hard times. So in a way, they symbolize progress. You must have seen little cat statues with a raised front paw in Chinese and Japanese business places. It is because in Asian culture, it is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Therefore, cat paw tattoos can be related to good fortune.

Black Cat Tattoos

Black cat tattooslook enchanting and mysterious. It is because of the image of a black cat that we all have in our minds. We usually associate black cats with some sort of bad luck and seeing one, we are reminded of the witches and brooms.Therefore, black cat tattoos inked on bodies signify mystery and secrets. 

Like other tattoos, cat tattoos speak a lot about the personality of someone who wears it on skin. More and more people are getting themselves inked with different types of cat tattoos.

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