Things to know before getting breast implants

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Breast implant is the process by which the shape, structure, size and other things related to breast can be altered for better appearance. Now a days the process has become very popular and women are more than ready to go under the knife to enhance their beauty and structure. However, before getting a breast implant for yourself, you must be keeping many things in mind as it is a medicinal procedure that includes surgery. In this order, you must take advice of your physician prior to the surgery. Your mental as well as physical health should be good before you go for breast augmentation as it will change your complete life within days and you will feel it every day. You should be aware of certain things with complete clarity well in advance. You may well find a few yourselves while going for this surgery, but to assist you a bit, given here are some of the most common and important points that you should be fully aware of.

How safe it is

There are several procedures of breast implant surgeries and it is up to you to choose one of them. Meanwhile, many tests and researches show that the saline as well as the silicone implant is safe for most of the women. However, it has not yet been proved that the process is safe for everyone for a long time. There are chances of certain complications, but are not expected to manifest that often. Food and Drug Administration of United States of America has revealed that it may be unsafe for a few people, but the same can be ruled out if the procedure is done at a renowned place, this way you can be sure of the quality and after care.


As it is a surgical process, there are bound to be some physical complications that some of you may have to go through. The most common complication that can occur – is rupture of implants. If it occurs then the shape of your breast will change and turn to what it looked like before the surgery. If the surgical process is not carried out under immense hygiene and care, infections can creep in and may turn into serious conditions. If the pre-operational studies are not done properly, then there are chances of the final result getting asymmetrical and the breast looking dissimilar. It will turn the look of your breasts worse than what it was before. However, if the process is followed well then these complications can be avoided.

How long they last

When you decide to take up such implants, the obvious curiosity is that how long these implants last. Now, this is completely unpredictable, as some implants can last for just a week whereas some others can last for even 10 years. In recent time, most of the implants work well for the initial 3 to 4 years, but begin to trouble you after that. So, you can expect that your breast implants can last up to 2 years at least.

How much It costs

The cost of breast implants varies from place to place. It depends upon many factors like – which country you are getting the implant done, the health care center you choose to get the implant, what kind of implant you choose for yourself, what kind of shape and size you want to obtain and so on. The more critical the process; obviously the more is the cost. Generally, the cost of breast implants remains around 6,000 USD. However, that may increase as well as decrease with the change in factors described before.

What to ask your doctor

The main thing you should know before you decide an implant surgery is – that how is your health, i.e. whether you will be able to bear the surgical process and not just the fact that whether your body permits the operation and so on. As it is a kind of plastic surgery, use of knives are a compulsion and that is why you must be sure that your nerves are strong enough to bear the pain. There are several health conditions, in which you cannot go through such kind of implants like – if you are pregnant, if you have diabetes and so on. If your age is over 50 years, you must also not try out this implant process as it may bring out many physical as well as medical complications to your health. So, ask your doctor about what you should do before and after breast implant surgeries, what kind of safety and security options you should take, and what are the factors that you must keep in mind as a patient.

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