The Art of Tattoos: Nape Tattoo

Nape Tattoo

Tattoo and its history

In modern society, tattoos are becoming very popular. It has always been a fad in people since time immemorial but after a long hiatus it has come back to charm people of the modern society and has worked its way into their hearts. People are looking for different places on their body to get a tattoo done and some of the places which have earned their way as ideal for a tattoo includes shoulders, forearm, back and nape.
Visibility becomes an important factor when it comes to get yourself inked and if we think on these lines, nape is a place from where the tattoo is visible to others but the tattoo owner will always find it extremely difficult to have a look at it. Nevertheless it is one of the most famous places to get tattooed and since tattoo speaks about a person’s personality, the intriguing position of the nape also adds to the appeal of a person’s personality.

Nape Tattoos

Nape is a perceptibly discernible amount of space on a person’s body. It is around a person’s backbone and cranium and proves to be a very sensitive area. Hence, even the tattoo artists have to be extremely cautious while testing their needles on this zone. But even they don’t deny the excitement this place creates with its unique way of displaying the tattoo in a free and yet concealed manner. It is very famous amongst women because men are attracted to this part of a female’s body due to reasons unknown and anything which brings out your personality with a unique design peeking from the back of their ear, below their hairline or lower nape is highly mesmerizing and adds to their sex appeal. The designs that are generally recommended for this part of the body are the ones which are compact in size and yet speak a lot about a person’s identity and decorate the expanse in the most appropriate manner. Getting it inked with a butterfly or a dragon fly design is a common fad but other designs like zodiac signs, names and famous quotes in various languages, initials, small caricatures of famous personalities or Gods and Goddesses are also recommended as they can fill the area with utmost ease. The other things which determines the design is the visibility that nape offers for the tattoo. It is covered with your hair and does not bring out any kind of obscenity but it can not be hidden. So if you are from a profession which puts a lot of restrictions on these followings, a nape tattoo is something that you need to re consider and even if you want to do it, spend a lot of time brainstorming on the design which you can identify with and which does not shout wildly behind your back. Another important factor that you need to keep in mind is that the amount of skin that is present on the nape is not very thick. So when the needle hits you on your nape, it is actually drilling the muscles and tissues that lie within the skin. So eventually once the tattoo is completed, the healing procedure which takes place will consume a lot of time. Because its not just mere skin which is healing but the entire tissue palette which has been damaged needs to be repaired naturally. So after tattoo phase requires you to take good care of the area and it becomes extremely difficult to tend to because of its location.

Some do’s and dont’s to help you make a good decision.

1. In certain societies, it is considered to be rude to get a tattoo done at your nape. So decide accordingly.

2. Don’t choose a design which is too loud to handle for others. Remember, this tattoo is not visible to you so you have to choose a design after keeping the sentiments of others in mind.

3. Inform the tattoo artist if it pains very sharply while getting the tattoo done. He might have to check your veins and tissues which are passing through this zone.

4. Don’t try and shave over until your tattoo is healed.

5. Get a pillow which will help you lie down your neck properly when you sleep. Don’t overlook this fact.

6. Remember to gain as much knowledge you can from the tattoo artist about the maintenance and care of the tattoo. Ask as many questions as you can and ease your inquisitive mind before you get under the needle.

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