8 weird body modifications

weird body modifications

We have heard about tattoos and body piercings which have become more or less of a common occurrence with the young these days. But weird modifications are the latest craze and many young and the daring just go ahead and do anything that catches their fancy. There are quite a few body modifications that can be considered weird from eye ball tattoos to 3d implants to corset piercings. Here are 8 weirdest body modifications to watch out for.

1. Eyeball Tattoos

Corneal tattooing has been on for more than 200 years. They are done for covering scarring as well as leucomas in the eye. Now they are used less frequently as contact lenses can cover flaws in a less invasive manner.

2. Scarification

Scarification is the aesthetic scarring of the body by cutting designs into the skin which later develop into scars. Though they are equally painful when compared to tattooing, they seem much more intense.

3. 3D Art Implant

These are objects that are implanted under the skin to create raised surface designs on the skin. Like piercings, they can be stretched and hence smaller implants are placed first and after healing they are replaced with bigger ones.

4. Corset piercing

These are a series of piercings places at the back in a parallel line. The piercings are placed at the part the corset eyelets would come when a corset is worn.

5. Branding

Branding is the process of placing a hot iron on the skin to destroy the nerve and the dermal layer of the skin in the pattern of your liking. Silver scarring occurs due to third degree burns.

6. Body Suspension

Here, temporary piercings are made on the body and suspended by raising the body partially or completely using modified fishing hooks.

7. Pointy Ears

These are surgical procedures that transform the look of the ears to resemble mythological creatures of elves.

8. Tongue Bifurcation

Splitting of the tongue form the middle down is the latest trend. It allows independent movement of each part.

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