5 tattoos that look like paint

Those who create tattoos on body parts are certainly artists. They treat our body as canvas for creating stunning artworks. But all tattoos do not resemble the conventional paints that characterize brush strokes, dabs of paints and combination of bold strokes with fine lines. But we bring here five such tattoos that resemble the masterpieces we see in canvases. Check out!

1. Pale pink tulips on hand


Pale pink tulips on hand

Pale pink tulips on handPale pink tulips on hand

This tattoo is certainly as enigmatic as any masterpiece by any renowned painter. The combination of pale oink with softer hues of brown with fine strokes of black outlining the broad petals of the tulip create an eye soothing appeal that is worth treasuring.

2. Patches and blotches


Patches and blotches

Patches and blotchesPatches and blotches

Patches and blotches – if this is what characterize a color sketch then this tattoo is comparable with any such art work. The black colored patchy effect with bold brush strokes, careless color drops and the red artwork on a corner of it makes this tattoo look like a modern art!

3. Bold brush strokes


Bold brush strokes

Bold brush strokesBold brush strokes

Have you even seen small kids painting merrily? If yes then this tattoo has the exact paint brush appeal. The colorful dabs and blotches created by using primary tones of blue, red and black and the undulating brush stroke with black looks heavenly.

4. Figures in brush


Figures in brush

Figures in brushFigures in brush

Creating human figures with bold brush strokes is a really creative work. It will look even more remarkable and artistic when your body becomes the canvas in place of the conventional painting base. This is what we see in this impressive tattoo.

5. Cute bird


Cute bird

Cute birdCute bird

We bet you will not find this tattoo like the typical body painting arts that you usually see. The sketch-like effect that has been rendered to this cute bird and the remarkable shading imparted to it makes it breathtaking.

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