5 Best friend tattoo ideas

Making broken hearts whole

Good friends are rare, and best friends are even rarer. Finding a best friend who you want to cling on to for the rest of your life is a wonderful thing. There might be a few special days when you would like to honor your friendship. Tattoos are a great way to honor your friendship. Here are a few best friends tattoo ideas.

1. Heartbroken if you go away
Will your heart break if your best friend and you move apart from each other? If your answer is yes then best friend broken heart pieces are just the thing for you. Broken heart pieces make wonderful complementary tattoos. So you can get the left side of the heart and your best friend can get the right side.

2. Let’s share secrets
What are the things that just the two of you know about each other? Think of an inside joke, your song, secret names, special quote, anything that is unique to your friendship. Whatever you choose, your secrets tattoo can either be matching or coordinating. So you can have the same tattoos, or you can get a half of the tattoo and your friend can get the other half.

3. Balancing act
Do you and your best friend have qualities that balance each other out? Tattoo this beautiful relationship with Yin and Yang. Again, Yin and Yang are great for matching or coordinating tattoos. Both of you could either get the full Yin Yang, or you could get one half and your friend could get the other half.

4. A few of your favorite things
Would you like to honor your best friend? Then make a list of your best friend’s favorite things: It could be a favorite animal, a favorite bird, a favorite symbol or anything else your friend really likes. And your friend could reciprocate your gesture and get a tattoo of your favorite thing. You can also get interesting tattoos of Chinese or Japanese symbols that stand for thing your friend likes. But before you get these symbols tattooed, make sure you get their meaning right.

5. Incomplete without you
Do you feel that your existence will be incomplete without your friend? Then celebrate your interdependence with a puzzle piece tattoo or a lock and key tattoo. The tattoos are also desirable because they are small and can be discreetly placed. For the puzzle piece tattoo, you can use actual locking puzzle pieces as a template for your design. If you choose the lock and key tattoo, then one of you could get the lock tattoo and your best friend could get the key tattoo. With the lock and key tattoo, you show that you have trust in each other and you cannot work without your friend.

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