10 Weird body modifications

Body modifications

Human beings are very fond of altering their look a little too often. At times they tend to go absolutely crazy. From hair coloring to a tattoo, these ideas are endless and so are the choices of individuals.

There are a few people who in order modify their looks ended up modifying their identity. You will be amazed to learn about these people who will surely make your head turn on roadside or in malls. Their extraordinary attempts of altering their appearance have turned them into eye stoppers. On lookers find these people both fascinating and absurd.

1. Leopard man

The first in the list for obvious reasons is the Leopard man- 67 years old, Tom Leppard . Almost 99% of his body is tattooed with striking leopard print. He chose to shy away from the modern lifestyle and thus lives in a hand built house.

2. Etienne Dumont

Geneva based Etienne Dumont works in a newspaper as an art and culture critic. He is covered from head to toe in tattoos. Silicone implants under his skin give the horned appearance. HE has a face which is difficult to forget, 2.7 inch rings in his earlobes and a plexiglass piercing in his nose can not miss out on attention.

3. Rick Genest

Rick Genest can definitely win the title of scariest man thanks to his weird tattoos. He looks like someone straight out of hell.

4. Elaine Davidson

Brazil based Elaine Davidson has over 2500 piercings in her body and has many tattoos on her body. She carries an extra 3 kg of weights of rings because of her piercings.

5. Kala Kaiwi

Kala Kaiwi runs his own studio in Hawaii, he is known to have about 67 piercings on his body and over 75% of his body is tattooed. His earlobe holes are stretched to about 4 inches, he appears like someone out of this world. Kala manages to look extremely frightening.

6. Pauly unstoppable

Pauly is known to have the largest nostrils in the whole of western world. His body modifications include some crazy scars on cheeks and also on his forehead. He also has a split tongue and has domes implanted under his forehead skin.

7. The lizard man

1972 born Eric Sprague is famously known as the lizard man, he is known to be the first person to have his tongue split. His body is covered in green colored scale tattoo and he manages to appear like an ugly lizard. He has Teflon implants in his head and also got his teeth filed down.

8. Lucky diamond rich

This guy is the most tattooed guy on the planet, he has tattoos on the whole of his body, not a single place left.

9. Dennis Avner

44 year old Dennis Avner is also known as stalking cat is known to have craziest body modifications.He has numerous tattoos, piercings, silicone implants, pointed teeth, whiskers, claws and hat not. He looks like a cat in every possible way.

10. Julia Gnuse

Julia was born with porphyria condition, her skin blistered almost regularly and also scarred. She started getting tattoos to cover up the hideous scars. She is the most tattooed woman in the whole world.

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