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Tattoos giving healing touch

tatTattoos have broken the jinx of just being ‘ink under the skin’. Today the skin art is not just an art it is something sublime and invigorating.

Ella Silvestri, owner of Nouveaux Skin & Nails, Acton, though firing her tattoo gun on eyebrows, eyeliner, lashes and lips till now, is endeavoring to give ‘intradermal cosmetics’ a new definition. She is offering free services to cancer patients who lose their hair while undergoing treatment. The disfigurement caused not only kills the moral of the patient, who is trapped in the cancer pit, but also melts his jest for life.

Ella with the help of her program known as ‘Brow Raisers’ wants to identify and treat patients at the early stages of the disease before the natural color is lost.

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