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tattoo mistakes

Tattoos are perhaps one of the most fashionable ways to get your style statement done permanently. After all, a tattoo, like a diamond is forever. In such a scenario, it is of the utmost importance that you take the greatest care that you do not commit a blunder as to getting your tattoo done. It is within the scope of this article to explore the tattoo designs that should be best avoided. After all, just because something can be done doesn’t mean that you should be doing it.

Anything that is larger than your own size

Tattoos that overwhelm your entire body is just not the perfect way to make a statement. One just can’t have the entire Sistine Chapel painted on his back just to prove that one is a devout follower. Tattoos that are overly large in dimensions should best be avoided. Small is so much sweeter.


Do Not Attempt To Do Something Permanent which is Not

Objects which do not have any permanence as such in your life should not be crafted for eternity in ink. This is best said of relations and boyfriends or girlfriends names, or even spouses. After all, such entities are just not permanent, or rather absolute. Therefore, just for the sake of having to undergo surgery later on in case of such a mishap that your relation doesn’t last, stray way from that path.

No Tattooing on Controversies

It is good that you want to express a say in the matter of issues that are controversial and are elemental in turning the rudder of society in years to come. However, such designs as express your support for topics like transexuality and so on should not be attempted. Use your mouth to do that, not your body, it can be put to better use.

Tattoos and Trends Do Not Mix

Just because everyone is painting a certain tattoo, doesn’t mean that you have to do it too. Rather, it is best that you do not do that too. This is because tattoo trends usually wane away within the time span of a few months. Therefore, after a few months, it will be called rather unoriginal and fake. Therefore, just avoid that as much as you can.


Face?? No No!!

When people look at you they want to get a look at your face and not your tattoo. Tattoos in the face, no matter what the design is a complete no no, it is just not worth it.

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