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Laura Flight tattoo

Showing gratitude with a tattoo

One of the greatest forms of gratitude was shown by a woman in Sussex as she got a tattoo of the air ambulance, which saved the life of her father. The woman whose name is Laura Fight stated that, this tattoo will be reminder of the wonderful effort by the team of air ambulance who saved her father’s life. She also stated that, this tattoo would a lifetime reminder of the incident along with how her father survived through it just because of the wonderful effort done by the pilot along with the efficient team of paramedics. Fright stated that, it was a terrible accident, which her father met. She also stated that, if the air ambulance had not arrived on time, then her father would not have been alive.

What was the accident?

Steve Heseldon who was aged 56 was an experienced biker. During one of his trips, he collided with a car, which left him brutally injured with nine busted ribs, punctured lungs along with a broken shoulder. As soon as the incident happened, pilot of the air ambulance Goddard Kevin arrived on the scene immediately along with his team members and paramedics. The team assisted the injured man on the way to the royal Sussex county hospital. It took seven long weeks at the Sussex county hospital along with few other weeks at the Guy’s hospital for recovering. Later he was discharged from the hospital and finally he went back to his home at Whitley Road.

The statements of Steve and her daughter

On returning from the dead, Steve stated that, if the air ambulance had not arrived on time, then he would not have alive. In addition, Steve also stated that, it was something bad, which he had experienced for the first time. His daughter stated that, her father was unconscious at that point and she was unable to understand that whether he would be able to make it or not. Mrs Fright, aged 30, stated that, she was so mesmerized by the wonderful and quick effort done by the air ambulance and team that she thought of getting a tattoo of the air ambulance as a sign of gratitude. She also stated that, she could not have thought of something better than this. She added, she will try and give her best efforts to raise money for the team of air ambulance so that they can continue the good work of saving lives of people.

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