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Lady Gaga launches her perfume plus gets a live tattoo!

Who is Lady Gaga?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, yes that is the real name of the renowned Lady Gaga but as we all know that most of her fans know her by her stage name of Lady Gaga. This artist happens to be a very popular singer and songwriter and she was born and brought up in New York. Lady Gaga frequently covers the front page due to her flashy, bizarre and unique contributions in the industry of music. She brings this flamboyancy through her dressing style, music videos and stage performances.

What’s new with Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is usually in news for her bizarre fashion and recently she introduced her debut perfume in New York while being in a huge perfume bottle. This daring pop star was in a giant-sized bottle which was designed exactly as a replica to the original bottle of her debut perfume which is called “Fame”. This huge bottle was made of transparent glass so that the fans don’t miss any view of the avant-garde artist and can capture her in their cameras. Lady Gaga also got a live tattoo on the neck at this launch event in front of her many fan following.


Lady Gaga also visited the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum on Thursday night and she made her entry sitting on top of black convertible. The famous pop star posed for pictures and also communicated with her fans at the museum. The attire which Lady Gaga chose for the even included a sparkly top paired with a black skirt and a red wig to complete the gaga look. While getting the tattoo on her neck she got rid of some of her clothing and she had already shaved the bottom of her neck the prior week.


The pop star put on some makeup and worked on ipad inside the huge bottle and then four other people entered the giant perfume bottle and joined Lady Gaga. This daring artist also made her debut as a film star in a short movie which is called “Lady Gaga film” and this movie was made in collaboration with Steven Klein. Lady Gaga is quite daring, bizarre and flamboyant and undoubtedly a great singer and composer and all these together team up to give her a unique image and a style that is really uncommon to find.

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