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Celebrities with Heart Tattoos

It is nothing wrong to comment that we learn about fashion from our favorite celebrities. This time it was a couple of heart tattoos that the tinsel town moguls sported, may be to inspire us on getting our body inked! Most amusingly, these are all heart tattoos, which say a lot without using words! While each celebrity wore a breathtaking heart tattoo in different parts of their body, the implication was same – LOVE. However, it must not be forgotten that love is seen from different perspective by different people.

Lady Gaga with heart tattoo

Love has different implications – this is best explained by virtue of the heart tattoo that the globally loved songstress Lady Gaga carries at the back of her left shoulder. It depicts an outline of a heart with a sash running though its center and a cursive-hand ‘dad’ written on it. Hence, her tattoo portrays that it is dedicated to dad who might be equally attached with her dear daughter.


Dohery and Kate moss wear heart tattoos

Next celeb to take the share of this discussion about heart tattoo is Pete Doherty. This tinsel town personality wears a heart tattoo on her upper arm, which even shows an arrow passing right through it. A closer look at it will further reveal the letter ‘K’, which undoubtedly stands for Kate Moss. Kate in turn tattooed a heart as well on the palm of her left hand, irrespective of the fact that it is a much tinier one with no obvious initials in it.

Ricky martin’s rose and heart tattoo

Next celebrity with a heart tattoo is the one with a golden heart, Ricky Martin. His heart tattoo looks a bit different from Doherty, Kate and Gaga as more than a simple outline, the tattoo bears another most prominent emblem of love – the rose. This Grammy winning Puerto Rican singer wears his rose and heart tattoo at his pelvic region.

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