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Bon Iver asks fans to design tattoo

Justin Vernon has pare down entrant for tattoo designs

Like many other good artists, Bon Iver’s leading personality Justin Vernon also aimed for iconic status and dabbled in definite amount of volatility. Bon Iver is actually a band that aid down its foundation in the year 2007 by Justin Vernon who is an American Indie-Folk singer and songwriter. This band also comprises Mathew McCaughan, Michael Noyce and Sean Carey. Most of the Vernon’s album were recorded when Justin spent around three months in remote cabin located in Northwestern Wisconsin. In early 1990’s, a TV series “Northern Exposure” made a special corner in the heart of Justin Vernon. The name of his band is derived from the word “Bon Hiver”, which is an idiom used in the show for “Good Winters”.

Emerging Craze Of Tattoos Among Bon Iver Fans

Record label of Justin Vernon was also named after one of the character of show known as “Chigliak”. Despite other artists who brush-up public either by drugs or by guns, Bon Iver asks fans to design tattoo inspired by 90s television series. Recently, Justin Vernon initiated a contest that will scour one fortunate aesthetically minded follower who can pick up $299 for designing a tattoo. This cool image will be indelibly crafted onto the arms of Bon Iver’s band members. In case, all the entries will be weed leaves, butterflies or weed leaves, then group members go for some other direction. However, new tattoo will probably be Art Nouveau turning into a character from the show “Northern Exposure”. Justin Vernon named both his record label as well as band after the soap. This was based in Cicely’s fictional town said that program weirdly explained Vernon’s life to him.

Justin Vernon’s Contest For Tattoo Designs

Recently, Justin Vernon asked his fans to sketch tattoo designs that he is willing to ink on his left arm. Noteworthy aspect about the contest is that tattoo design should be based on the series of images he uploaded on competition page. Fortunately, if your fancied tattoo gets involved, then it would be a great opportunity for you to be a privileged winner. At the final stage, all the entrants will be whittled down into five finalists whose art will be viewable on competition page. In an interview with Pitchfork, Justin Vernon made this contest public. Being the founder and front-man of phenomenal Indie-Folk group, Bon Iver has now reached out a huge fan following via their twitter account. With the use of social media channels, Bon Iver requested enthusiasts in great bulk for creating their new tattoo.


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