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7 Coolest sun tattoos

Sun tattoos

Since sun is the only source of power that gets us going, how many of us have really thought that we say ‘thank you’ in return too? I guess it will be a mammoth task to find a single guy who has done this at least once in a day! We are too oblivious to think how life will be minus solar energy. To be very frank, a day without the sun will be the end of all lives on earth! So, some of the thankful beings have given it a serious thought and never left the opportunity to pay homage to the mighty sun. They chose a unique way of doing this and have come up with tattoos that salute the sun. Let’s have a look at these praiseworthy sun tattoos.

1. Beloved in sun


This sun tattoo is really significant. He/she knows for sure that one of the indispensable things that make us survive on this planet is sun. So, the person has rightly shown this by body inking a sun contour with flower shaped flames. We assume that the person wanted to convey that sun is kind, warm and soft hearted, which is prevalent in this specialized sun shape. The name at the center of this sun tattoo gives a hint of the love life of this person too.The name ‘Brendon’ printed at the center reveals love for his/her partner. He is perhaps the only source of existence for her. We congratulate the person’s love for her man and the sun too.

2. The global warming

global warming

This man did a yet new job by depicting the mind of sun! Let’s not debate on the fact if he is more imaginative and philosophical or whether he claims to understand the language of the sun, but his intentions are praiseworthy. The depleting greenery is a thing of concern for us. It seems that this has become even more intensified for this man. The cluster of trees and a vexed sun emerging from the top gives us an impression that the sun also gets angry why men cut down trees. We do not know when will the mass consciousness arise?

3. The sunny side

sunny sun

This hottie made sun her constant companion by inking a sun designed tattoo on her body. We give her cheers for acknowledging the immense benefits that sun has for all the living creatures on the earth. But, we assume that she was aware that sun on a sunny day may increase her body temperature immensely, spurring her discomfort. So, she attempted to give a breezy effect to her sun tattoo. Thus, what we see is that the flickering flames of sun resemble that of the leaves of the trees that flutter merrily in the soothing summer breeze. It seems that summers are a bit tiring for everybody at times. This is perhaps why the sun has gone for an afternoon siesta too!

4. Sun on belly

sun on belly

This lady is smarter to shade even the sun from ill effects of global warming. She chose to ink a sun design on her tummy. The flat tummy was however the best spot to create visual interest towards her sun tattoo as well as her flab-less belly. The colorful whirlpool and the delicately created flames give sun a contemporary look which the stylistas of the current generation will love to flaunt. The plus points of paying homage to sun by inking such a characteristic tattoo on the belly are manifold. While the first one is definitely being perennially thankful to solar energy, the other one is showing off the slim waist line in an intelligent manner!

5. Celestial network

celestial network

This sun tattoo is really an artistic one. This diva has paid equal homage to the sun and the moon. She probably understands that without sun we would not have survived and without moon, the calmness and romance of the night would never have existed! So, the waist line of this fashionista appears to be her mind board as well as the canvas of the tattoo artist who created this sun tattoo. Therefore, the solar sphere was segregated into two equal halves: one had the sunny day and the other has moonlit night. The network that binds each other seems to convey that both these celestial objects are integral for us.

6. Warrior sun

warrior sun

This dude gave us the picture of the Almighty sun, who had the mythological significance of being a great warrior. Thus, if you have been expecting to see another cute sun tattoo or a usual sun motif, you might be disheartened. On the contrary, what you will get to see is the replica of a fierce warrior’s ammunition in the form of a spearhead! The look of sun in this tattoo signifies the dormant anger in this celestial star. But, this dude never looked down at the prowess of moon too, who has an equally mythological and practical significance. So, the spearhead has two distinct sections and depict the wrath of both sun and the moon.

7. Sun in pastel backdrop

geometric sun

Sun is the source of power. The same principle seems to apply for this lady too as she voted for sun to be her constant companion. She has inked a sun designed tattoo on her upper arm to be her stable source of potential energy. But hang on, do not expect monotony from women of this generation as sun also got a makeover by resembling a few geometric shapes, which cluster together to represent the mighty flame of sun. The colorful shades in the background seem to stand for a happy weather on a bright sunny day, while the incorporation of bluish hues at the center of this abstract shaped tattoo tries to impart a softer side of the solar energy. This manner of paying gratitude to sun is a praiseworthy project for sure, since it has given the lady’s arm a contemporary colorful makeover in the process!

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