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4 Hottest body parts to get pierced

Body piercing

Body piercing is a fashion trend, which stay in vogue forever. Piercings are a great way to showcase self expression, increasing sexual appeal as well as the aesthetic value of the body, or simply as a part of religious or spiritual followings. The popularity of body piercings has raised manifolds and it thus attracts a lot of girls to try it at least once in their lives. It is important for the piercing to suit your personality and make you look good. Here is a list of four hottest body parts to get pierced. Read on and decide for yourself.

1. Nose piercings

Nose piercings are one of the most common types of piercings that girls like. Nose piercing is known to be unisex but mostly girls get their noses pierced. For nose piercing you need to choose one side of your nose or say either one of your nostril for piercing. Various types of jewelry are available in the market which you can use for your nose piercing. You can keep the affair simple by opting for a stunning nose stud or a chic nose ring whichever does justice to your looks. Nose piecing suits almost all girls and is easily manageable. You can change the jewelry to complement your attire. A simple black or silver ring or stud would work on all looks. Avoid wearing complex jewelry in the nose.

2. Hip piercing

Hip piercing or buttock piercing is the latest trend in the area of body piercing. These piercings have become a rage off late especially among the youth. For hip piercing two piercings need to be carefully done parallel to each other in the pelvic region. Two piercings on the left and right side are essential for a symmetric look, which look terrifically hot. You need to have some real guts to get hip piercing done. Special jewelry is required for hip piercings; it needs to have two ninety degree bends. You need to take extra precautions with this kind of piercing and opt for stainless steel or gold jewelry to avoid any infection. Flaunt this piercing with low falling backless dresses or with a pair of smart low waist jeans and short blouse.

2. Naval piercings

Naval piercings also known as belly button piercings can add great appeal to your abdomen regions. Flaunt a flat belly with this kind of piercing. You can choose a hot piece of jewelry for the belly piercing, just make sure it is in sync with your style and is comfortable. A simple navel barbell can do great justice to this piercing. Dangling pendant jewelry is also available for the naval. The risk of infection is quite high in case of belly piercing, thus you will have to take extra care and keep the area clean. Make sure you get the piercing done from sanitized equipment only. Avoid changing the jewelry in the initial weeks to avoid blood spill and pain.

4. Monroe piercings

The Monroe piercing was made popular by the fashion diva Marilyn Monroe. Thus the piercing was named after the style sensation. This piercings suits most of the girls by enhancing their feminine allure. A Monroe piercing is placed just above the upper lip on one of the sides be it be left or right. It totally is your call, you can choose any side. This piercing appears to be a beauty mark and looks stunning. A simple stud would fulfill the purpose of jewelry for this piercing. Avoid sporting complex jewelry.

Just getting the piercing done is not sufficient, proper care needs to be taken in order to prevent any infections. Make sure you use sanitized equipment and jewelry for your piercing. Choose the kind of piercing you would like to get depending on your individual style. Allow the piercing to heal and do not play with the jewelry.

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