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10 Creative body paintings

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If we refer body paintings as the reflection of artistic mind that create masterpieces, we are not at all wrong. These are some body paintings that will leave you dumbstruck due to their appeal, color combination and the way the artists have morphed human body into a canvas! We must give hats off to their incredible artistic skills, who employed such painstaking jobs and invested their time, patience and slices of their creative minds in the making of masterpieces that are temporary and cannot be recorded forever. We bring here ten such amazing body paintings that will certainly make you utter ‘wow’. Take a look!

1. ‘Expression’ mask


We are sure you have come across the very common twin masks: one which smiles heartily and the other which has a permanent frown. Now, this body painting will definitely appear to you as another improved version of the same mask. But, wait, take a closer look and you will be awestruck when you discover that this is not a mask! Actually, it is one of the finest specimens of body painting. A pair of highly skilled hands segregated the body of a woman into two equal parts with the help of paints and brush. Two faces with two distinctly different expressions were painted thereafter! Next, with the help of photographic skills they were conglomerated into a singular frame to create a masterpiece.

2. ‘Chameleon’ woman

window frame

You have always known that chameleons change colors. But, we are definite that human beings are practically never able to do the same. But an artist’s brush and highly skilled brain gave humans the ability to camouflage; it hardly matters whether that is virtual! This woman, who was the subject of this work of art, offered her body to be painted in the form of the window frame against which she was standing. The resultant is in front of your eyes.

3. Amazing showpieces

amazing art

If you are fascinated with yet new showpiece, a body painter can gift you some that move and breathe like us! In exchange, you need to pay him your patience. Jokes apart, can you hardly make out that this lion and this woman are actually creatures of virtual world? We are spellbound at the concept of proportion, symmetry and color combination of the artist, who morphed a human body into lively showpieces.

4. Fantasy freaks

Fantasy freak

You cannot deny that a major part of your childhood dreams survived in the world of your falsities. But, there are some adults to these days too, who love to live in fantasy world. The only difference is that they take a different stance. Either they become body painters or get their skins painted. Look at this dude and the gal who did a similar thing. The hunk found it best to flaunt his well developed biceps and triceps by getting his body painted like that of Superman. But the women preferred to drop off her clothes in exchange of a warrior woman’s armor. But mind it; all credit goes to their body painting artist, who gave wings to his childhood dreams too by such an incredible attempt.

5. Wall decal dress

wall decal

Now this is called a highly customized living space. But, everyone is not as lucky as this woman to be blessed with a body painting artist, who amalgamated her whole body with a wall. The intricacy with which the body of this lady is painted, replicating the wall decal, is nothing but a masterpiece! The extension of her skirt section up to the wall makes her ‘dress’ very feminine and the concept of the artist calls for a standing ovation.

6. The phantom woman


When women across the world are mad about their makeup so that they look the best of all, this lady gave everyone thumbs down by getting her face painted like that of a phantom lady! But we have to admit that this woman’s dreams would never have reached to such a height if she did not get the right body painting artist. The body painting is certainly outstanding. But, this also true that the woman can fits and convolutions in kids if she walks about at the wee hours of the night, with her face painted like this.

7. Amazing tee


This woman certainly has an aversion to feminine shopping spree. Hence, when all the women of the world loves to remain busy with their shopping bag, running from this counter to that, this lady voted for a body painted T-shirt. The artist, who granted her wish, deserves a clap for his job. We are sure this dress is best suited for the hot summers as the lady will never feel hot during the spurring of mercury level.

8. New avatar


We have already seen an avatar in the celluloid screen lately. But this woman is not a work of hi end animation software. Her body looks just incredibly extraordinary due to the skills of a body painting artist. From the collars, to the tie, to the shoulder seam and to the cuffs, we are dam sure it will be a great challenge to conclude at the first glance that the woman is nude, with body painting artistry prevalent all over.

9. Rugby lover

rugby lady

This rugby fan’s idea needs applause. But we must praise the body painting artist equally too, who made her a ravishing model with a brand new dress no other celebrities have. Even you take a closer look, you will never be able to understand that the lady is totally in her own skin and what you see is the work of an artist!

10. Modern day King Kong

King Kong

Here comes the new age King Kong. But the entire credit of eeriness in this guy goes to the body painting artist for his skilled hands, sense of color combination, power of scrutiny of perspective and of course, the great deal of patience invested. From the hand painted body hair to spine chilling face, we can assume the time invested by the artist and the man to give a successful end to their artistic mission.

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