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10 Best places to get inked in Los Angeles

A tattoo defines a person. It is the image of what a person believes in, either currently or permanently. The art of tattoo has been into existence since time immemorial and have made its way through many cultures and traditions. Today there are thousands of tattoo artist, some of them are self proclaimed and some have earned their title of being called an artist because of the beautiful and energetic work that they have done in the past and the way they have continued their legacy. Los Angeles has a wide variety of tattoo artists but one thing that you need to keep in mind before you get inked is the potential that an artist holds to convert your imagination and belief into a body art. That is the first research that you need to conduct before you allow anybody to lay that needle on you. Follow this guide to learn about the 10 best tattoo parlors in Los Angeles that will get you in ship shape.

Best tattoo shops in LA

1. Shamrock Social Club

Shamrock social club

This is a place where you would find people from every nook and corner of the society. From bulky bikers to completely sloshed biggies of the Hollywood, they are all present to get themselves a touch of the colored needle by the legendary tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney. Situated at the beautiful Sunset Boulevard quite near to The Roxy, this tattoo parlor is known for the kind of service that it gives. Happy and friendly faces is what they believe in when they talk about customer service and value for money is what they believe in when they talk about executing the body art. Black and grey portraits are their forte and you wouldn’t be amazed to see a walking Buddha actually walk because of the way the artists here, play with shadows and colors. The shop comprises of a pool table to help you ease out your mind before you go through the drilling. Also ‘Pop’ from the ‘Inked’ fame hangs around the parlor and he is a laugh riot to spend time with. Cleanliness is what Shamrock Social Club believes in. They would prepare the chair before you hop on to it and the process of cleanliness is carried on through the time you are getting tattooed till the time you are done and are on your merry way back home. All this without a great pinch on your pockets.

2. Spotlight Tattoo

Spotlight Tattoo

Spotlight Tattoo has been in the business for 30 long years and has made a name for itself which caters to everybody, from the niche to the rugged participants of the society. Their designs are highly varied and range from the cute Hello Kitty perks to the powerful raw and outlawed imagery of motorcyclists. Spotlight Tattoo is a family owned business. Run by Bob Roberts who was once a member of Frank Zappa’s band. Bob is known as one of the last living legends in the world of tattoos and has showcased his work on the bulging arms of Nicholas Cage on the cover page of Los Angeles magazine. Currently there are 7 resident artist who are all trained by Bob to create magic on people’s body and the entire shop is constructed beautifully to accommodate such a big staff and guests. Located at 5859 Melrose Ave., Spotlight Tattoo is a local landmark for all the tattoo lovers.

3. Unbreakable Tattoo

Unbreakable Tattoo

This is one of the cleanest and most beautifully constructed tattoo parlors in Los Angeles. Unbreakable tattoos have maintained a feeling of Zen in their shop and have successfully given a day spa like architectural potential to their shop by constructing five private and relaxing tattoo rooms. Owned by the famous and talented Sung “Keyn” Song, Unbreakable is teamed by 7 talented artists who are ready to cater to people’s whims and fantasies. Everything from stunning Asian geisha to the mysterious Maoist designs are played well with beautiful colors and stable hands. Drop in to get inked at the most reasonable amount possible.

4. Onizuka Tattoo

Onizuka Tattoo

Located at 120 Onizuka street, this tattoo parlor redefines the art of Japanese tattoo and brings some of the best designs from the world of tattoo in Japan to Los Angeles. Whats unique about the art of tattoo making in this parlor is that they do not follow the regular modernized way of tattoo machines but the unique Tebori method in which a needle is constantly hammered in a person’s body. Horitaka, the resident artist belonging to the Horitoshi family, is teamed by various guest artists to bring the world of Japanese culture to you in Los Angeles at meager prices.

5. Art and Soul Tattoos

Art and Soul Tattoos

Erika Stanley opened this parlor almost 15 years ago along with her friends and have become the most sough after personality in the world of tattoo making since then. The various artists that work in this parlor boasts of their talent ranging from various cultures like Australia, Japan, Europe and various locales of America. Located at the heart of Los Angeles, its proximity to Hollywood has invited a lot of celebrities and guest tattoo artists around the globe to Art and Soul.

6. Body Electric Tattoo

Body Electric Tattoo

Since 1992, Body electric have mesmerized people with their eccentric designs and talented display of color imagery on the bodies of people. A parlor which boasts of a beautiful and clean layout has a team of various guest artists working together to give the fantasies of people an image that they would love to flaunt on themselves forever. Value for money outlet is another name for Body Electric Tattoo.

7. Think Ink Tattoos

Think Ink Tattoos

Think Ink has a way of treating customers which is not found generally in tattoo parlors around Los Angeles. For starters, it offers their customers a free valet parking service so that they can concentrate on getting themselves under the inked needle and apart from that the environment that they have created is complete with happy and fun faces and comfortable and clean seating and places which makes the entire feel of the place very cozy and homely. You can get your own design or go through the plethora of designs that they have to offer and get yourself the tattoo that you have always dreamt off without hurting your pockets.

8. Broken Art Tattoo

Broken Art Tattoos

Teamed by seven talented and famous tattoo artists, Broken Art tattoo boasts of a clientele which includes people from across the globe. People from all over the world who visit Los Angeles and wants to get themselves tattooed, always include a visit to Broken Art in their holiday schedule. Reasonable prices and beautifully constructed, this tattoo parlor is definitely a win-win situation for all.

9. The Tattoo Lounge

The Tattoo Lounge

Previously known by the name of Tabu Tattoo, this tattoo parlor boasts of a staff of creative and talented artists who have been working together for 15 long years. This dedication has brought one unique service fro the clients. The Tattoo Lounge pairs their clients with the tattoo artist which is best suited for their needs. This enables them to bring out the best work possible and also if the client wishes, there is a clause through which the artist cannot repeat the custom work on any other client. These two unique services have helped The Tattoo Lounge to gain trust and a client list which always praises about them.

10. Zulu Tattoo

Zulu Tattoo

Last but not the least, Zulu Tattoo. This tattoo parlor believes in spending time with their clients to bring out the best they can in their designs by a clear understanding of the person’s personality and traits. Teamed by five people, Zullu Tattoo boasts of talent which has been gained by learning the art of tattoo making from various gurus from around the world. They believe in tolerance and ethnicity and wants to come up with designs that are fresh and which can have a great reflection of the person who flaunts them.

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